Mojo offers comprehensive digital media management in an enterprise or cloud services environment. Our turnkey solution offers a complete Digital Asset Management system with your selected cloud or enterprise hosting package, making content instantly available for organizing, ingesting, sharing, publishing or promoting.

Restoration, Repair & Conforming

We provide advanced digital processing to improve and “future-proof” your content for digital distribution. When conforming is required, Mojo prepares ancillary assets, including poster art, audio, closed captioning, subtitles, forced narratives, and more. Domestically, closed captioning may be required by law and/or by distribution platforms. Internationally, digital platform expansion has dramatically increased the need for localized asset conformance.

Disaster Recovery Services

For content owners, media is the most valuable asset, and to generate revenue it must be accessible. Geo-redundant storage is a necessary precaution to truly mitigate the risk of disaster. With Mojo Disaster Recovery Services, our partners can be sure they will have 24/7access to their media along with a fully secure copy of their library.