Protecting What Matters

Mojo offers a high-security storage for all your data and media.


Secure Digital Cloud Storage

Mojo understands data security is priority number one. Our private cloud offers the best industry data security at the lowest cost. Intelligent software managed storage hosted on many-times redundant hardware. All located in high-security TIER 4 data-centers.


LTO 6 Cold Storage

Our hybrid cloud includes an automated LTO-6 vault. Protecting your data with additional tier of cost effective permanent storage. Vaulted in geo-graphically diverse high-security cold storage facilities. Protection in the event of disaster, our library automation can provides access at a moments notice to a physical copy of critical media assets.


Disaster Recovery Services

For content owners, media is the most valuable asset, and to generate revenue it must be accessible. When disaster strikes, Mojo Disaster Recovery Services can recover your data and move it to the safety of a private data cloud.